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Are you following the property market? If so, please follow the link below for the auction results for the week ending on Sunday 31st July 2016 as quoted by Please click the link below:

Sydney & NSW Auction results for the week ending on Sunday 31st July 2016

The primary reasons for recommending sale by Auction are:

 It’s a Private Treaty with a deadline
 It involves no price capping on the property & has an unconditional contract
 Average half the days for sale than the private treaty
 Creates a sense of urgency in the minds of prospective purchasers, thereby forcing them to make decisions without delay.
 High demand generates competition and emotions are at play
 It provides 3 opportunities for sale: prior, during and post auction
 Buyers do negotiate the price themselves at the auction

Furthermore, Public Auction clearly demonstrates to the marketplace that there is a definite intention and clear objective to sell the property by a given date.

For more details, please feel free to call  9631 1101

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