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Move Realty Wentworthville suggests Preparing Your Home for Sale

At Move Realty Wentworthville we work hard to ensure that our clients achieve the highest sale prices when selling their often most valuable and important asset. We understand that selling your house can be a stressful event and in order to help you, we have prepared a few tips to maximize the value of your home.

Things to Consider
Before placing your house on the market, it is important to consider the other houses for sale in your locality, the overall condition of the housing market, and the needs and types of home buyers your home aims to satisfy. To gauge the condition of the market and the competition try visiting and viewing open houses and recently sold properties in your area. This will allow you to gauge the buyer interest and the different needs of buyers. Talking to Move Realty Sales Agent can significantly aid in your considerations. Our agents are highly trained in property sales and have extensive knowledge of the market and the needs of buyers. A chat with a Move Realty Sales Agent can significantly benefit you.

Improving Your Home
A simple way to increase the value of your property is to make a few minor repairs and upgrades to your house. Damaged paint or wallpaper, carpet stains, and leaky taps can leave a bad impression on buyers yet have simple and easy fixes.

Some major upgrades such as a bathroom or kitchen upgrades can also raise the value of your property. Just make sure not to overspend and ensure that you are able to make your money back. A chat with a Move Realty Sales Agent can help prioritize important upgrades and can help ensure that the money spent can be made back during the sale, as Move Realty Sales Agents are highly trained to maximize the value of your property.

Consider First Impressions
A buyer’s first impression of your house can significantly impact their overall considerations of your property and consequently has a large effect on the perceived value of your property. Buyers form their first impressions and opinions of your home based on what they have seen from the curb. Take a look at your own house from the curb and consider its appearance and your impression of it. Freshly cut lawns, a well-cared-for garden or hedge, clean paintwork on the house exterior and water blasted concrete and fences make a huge difference and will make the buyer want to step inside.

Declutter and Clean
Many buyers think that a clean and tidy home is a well-cared-for home. Considering the space you have in your home and how to make the most of it can help increase your property’s appeal. Clutter and uncleanliness will only make the space you have feel small, whilst overshadowing the merits of your property.

• Consider hiring a storage unit to house all those objects that don’t have a place in your home
• Clean everything – from skirting boards to walls, taps and behind fridges
• Consider getting your carpet professionally cleaned
• Buyers will open your cupboards and closets too, so make sure you take time to look at these.
• Disassociate yourself from your house

Staging Your Home
Staging your home involves furnishing the home to appeal to a certain type of home buyer, such as families, first home buyers, etc. This allows you to maximise the buyer interest and value for your property. A conversation with a Move Realty Sales Agent can aid in this as they have extensive knowledge on the various demographics of home buyers and needs of these demographics, allowing you to stage your home in a manner that has wide appeal.

Our Marketing Options
We have the network, the local know-how, and the advertising reaches to ensure your home gets the attention it deserves.

We Know Where to Advertise
Move Realty understands how to advertise in a wide variety of creative formats in order to reach a large target demographic of home buyers. Move Realty publishes hundreds of property advertisements in more established advertising mediums such as The Parramatta Advertiser – which many home buyers read to ascertain the best properties – as well as smaller local and independent community property guides and publications.

Every area is different and Move Realty’s highly knowledgeable sales staff will be able to advise you on the advertising that you require to maximize the value of your property.

Experience the Forefront of Digital Property Marketing
We at Move Realty use cutting-edge digital property marketing campaigns and seek to push the boundaries of digital marketing. Whilst providing access to services such as and move realty also provides dynamic marketing options ranging from social media campaigns that engage the public to online virtual open houses. Services such as these increase the attention your house receives from prospective buyers and set Move Realty apart from its competitors.

Our Professional Photography
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. At Move Realty, to showcase our property listing we only work with expert photographers who are able to emphasize the merits of our client’s properties using high-quality equipment with multi-flash lighting to highlight the unique selling points of our client’s properties.

Our Network
Our network of clients and home buyers has a phenomenal reach, which generates greater buyer competition.

We Know Your Local Market
Our highly-trained Move Realty Sales Agents know your local market and consequently know to achieve the best prices for your property. We, at Move Realty, understand that many homebuyers wish to move to houses near to their original homes. Through this, we understand the importance of various marketing tools such as property signs and localized targeting. Our understanding of the market also allows our sales agents to negotiate the best price for you.

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