Unwavering Dedication

Ashish Sets New Standards in Property Sales

Thank you, Ashish. Entrusting you with the sale of my property was undoubtedly the right choice, even though numerous agents approached me. Your commitment was evident; you were always available, even on weekends, and never seemed to take a break. Your clear communication and unwavering support were outstanding. It’s hard to express my gratitude sufficiently. Your dedication and professionalism set a new standard. Even with multiple responsibilities, it felt as if you were focused solely on my property 24/7. I always had faith that you would achieve outstanding results. Please remember to take some time for yourself and don’t work non-stop.
A heartfelt thanks for ensuring the successful sale of my property.

Review submitted by Raghu Venkatachalapathy (Vendor) on 24 Oct 2023

Professional people

got very good service from his side in all dealing, right from my offer till settlement and post settlement service.

Excellent and honest agent to work with

Ashish has helped us sell our home quickly. He got us the price he promised and it was very pleasant experience to work with Ashish. Highly recommended.

Great Customer Service!

Ashish has his hands on experience in property sales. From selling our house to exceptional customer service. He have been just remarkable throughout the selling process.

Honest Agent

Ashish was a very good agent. He was always attentive and helpful with all our questions we needed answering.

A very honest agent. Overall a good experience.

Good Service

I had a great experience, i got what i wanted & the process was really straightforward and easy.

Amazing Sales

Ashish is very professional and efficient, he sold my property within two weeks! And at a very good price!

Ash will make your housing dreams a reality

In the realm of property possibilities, Ash is your steadfast guide, ensuring a smooth journey .With a wealth of knowledge and a boundless drive, Ash is the ultimate ally in your property quest. Navigating the property landscape with expertise and finesse, Ash is the key to your perfect home. Where property meets passion, you’ll find Ash dedicated to making your housing dreams a reality.

From ‘For Sale’ to ‘Sold’, Ash is a trusted advisor

Ash is having immense knowledge about the market. He is very particular in providing updates everyday without fail with all the detail. He is master in building bridges between buyers and sellers, a real estate agent forges connections that last a lifetime. With a keen eye for detail and a heart for helping, Ash crafts personalized solutions for every client. From ‘For Sale’ to ‘Sold,’ Ash orchestrates the symphony of the property market. Ash is a trusted advisor, committed to your best interest.

Joshi always surpass my expectations

I had been dealing with Joshi for more than 5 years and my experience using him was always positive. I had dealt with other agents in the past and out of everyone, he is the best. I don’t like to stick with one agent, as my expectation is always high. But with him, he has always surpassed my expectations. My last two experiences were gr8. 2 years after the sale of my duplex in Glen alpine, till now, no one could sell their duplexes at that price. The last one was the most difficult sale, in spite of all odds, he did it again. I am more than Happy to refer him to my friends, which I always do…

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