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Catspad will feed your cat while you’re away

by Erinna Giblin

Any cat owner knows how hard it can be to get the kitty to the cattery when it’s time to go away for a holiday

No matter how luxe the space is, there’s no replacing home-sweet-home for your territorial little friend.

Enter the Catspad automatic feeding device.

Your kitty won’t have to wait until you get home for dinnertime. Picture: Catspad

Not only does it look like something out of The Jetsons, but it’ll feed your cat automatically when you’re away, meaning no more expensive and annoying trips to the cattery.

The device connects with your smartphone to give you full control of when, how much and who you feed.

Yes – you read that right – the Catspad knows which cats it’s feeding by reading your cat’s microchip or by using a smart chip that’s connected to your kitty’s collar. This way you’re able to keep track of exactly what gets eaten and keep out any unwanted dinner guests.

Your cat just got even more independent! Picture: Catspad

You can even give your furry friend the flowing drinking fountain of its dreams! This is an amazing concept for those of us who deal with cats that turn their noses up at the thought of drinking still water.

You’ll also be sent a notification if your cat’s appetite changes or if their food or water is running low.

Follow a precise diet and monitor their water intake with this futuristic device. Picture: Catspad

Retailing for €389.00 ($AU611) via the Catspad website, the device works out to be cheaper than multiple trips to the cattery – and will save you the worry of them picking up anything nasty while they’re there.



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