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Planning on selling your house? Planning on buying a house? Planning on downsizing? Planning to raise a family and need a bigger house? Whatever the reason we are here to help find the property that suits you.  Selling your home isn’t an easy task; it comes with a lot of planning and doesn’t always go the way you might imagine. However, at Move Realty we have several experienced agents who make that hassle for you become a lot easier.   

Do seasons really matter? 

In NSW real estate it is well known that the basic rule of the market ‘buy low, sell high’ is a driven element. If you are selling your property in NSW, your real estate agent and you should negotiate and agree on an approximate value of the house. However, with industry databases and property appraisals this changes the estimate price of the property.  For example, you determine your house is worth around $500,000 based on other market considerations and similar properties being sold in your neighbourhood. 

The next important thing is to understand the price range for the list price – let’s call it the range of “haggling.” For the above assumed $500,000 value of the property, the price range should be somewhere between $480,000 and $520,000. The price range to sell a house in Sydney depends on market conditions, competing properties, time of year etc. The more expensive the property is, the higher the price range. 

Once you are done deciding the most important factors of selling your house in NSW, follow these 6 expert tips.

Following are the 6 tips to ensure getting the maximum price for your property in Sydney. 

  1. Upgrade your home technology  

This is a different era of technology, let alone the home technology which has developed in the last 5 years massively. There is home security, smart vacuum cleaners, and smart devices that are all part of the home in the 21st century. Buyers prefer a home that is equipped with the latest technology as not everyone wants to spend the first months in their home ‘modernising’. Buyers want a ‘ready to move in’ home. Homes that are equipped with the latest gadgets often sell quickly and you get more money for the money you invest in your home.  

     2. Advertise the energy savings to home buyers  

Another popular thing that buyers are looking for in NSW is energy savings.  The planet has become extremely important including saving money and saving energy in your home. To increase the speed and profit of home sales. Advertising the energy savings and ratings of the property is a massive hit with buyers. Solar powered? High tech & energy efficient technology? No matter what it is, turn it into a buzzword and sell it! 

     3. Have a heart – to – heart with your real estate agent  

As a property owner and seller, you have every right to question your real estate agent and understand the process and pricing of your property and how your agent is selling your property. Reputable agents can balance their needs with yours. A real estate agent can explain the best market strategies to sell your property in the current market.  

      4. Hire an appraiser  

An Appraiser is a professional whose job it is to determine the market value of a home. An initial property appraisal can be done with industry databases; however, an in-person appraisal is better as if your property has been renovated or changed in any way that might rise the market price of your home this is done in person.  

     5. Hold an open house for friends and family 

A first open home should get off with a bang. Invite your family and friends for an open home tour and ask their advice, as well as bringing in associates and friends of your friends and family that might also have some interest in your home. This should be done when your home is ‘market ready’. If you have hired a Real Estate Agent is they can also invite prospective buyers interested in similar properties to come to the open home.  These open homes can also turn into a quick sale as someone there might want to purchase the home with it being ‘market ready’.  

     6. Avoids zeros  

The thumb rule in sales is to avoid using a price that ends with a zero. A well-recognised sales tactic is to end a price with a 9. For example $490,000 instead of $500,000. 

Your Property Agent in Sydney will help you with these and several other insider tricks. Make sure you are only hiring the best of the best to get the maximum value on your home in Sydney. 


More questions? Need more tips? Write to us at if you want us to focus on any particular topic in our future blog posts. Contact us for an appointment. 


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