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Spring Sale 2016

Yes, it’s spring sale again. And it’s the season for  real estate sales. I have been told of this when I started my real estate career. My experience have proved the same. As the spring approaches we see many house owners thinking selling their house on their toes. They have to get the house ready for sale.  Many consult their friends and relatives; some consult known real estate agents. However, few owners don’t bother much about presentation.


How do you prepare your house for sale? 

I have seen many people approaching me with this question.  Being in the real estate profession, many clients expect our assistance. Hence, I thought of sharing few ideas that might help int he preparation for sale. You might have even read several articles published in magazines as well as online. Well, there television programs showing house renovations and interior decorations.  I am adding my thoughts to those millions of ideas.

Get in the shoes of the buyer

The first thing I would prefer to if I were to sell my house is to get in the shoes of the buyer.  Being a buyer, look at your own house for once. Question yourself  from the entrance to the backyard. If required carry a note pad and pen with you as you take on the role of the buyer. As as a seller if you wish to get the best result, answer those questions sincerely.  The end result of the sale shall depend on those questions to a great extend.

Question yourself

Would you buy that house ? How would you like to have that house look like if you were to buy that property ?  Is the entrance presentable ? Do I feel great looking at the entrance ?  Is it welcoming ?  Is it clean? Does it have co-webs  hanging everywhere? Is the living clean ?  Are things cluttered every where ? How does it smell ?  How are the walls ? Are colors soothing ?  Is the paint peeling off ?  What about the floors ?  How is the kitchen ?  What do we have on the kitchen bench top?  Does it have left over food  and unwashed plates?  Cupboard handles in place?  As we proceed, open the bathroom door.  Does your bathroom look clean with dry floor?  Walls and ceiling without mould and lights in place?  You can keep questioning yourself and jotting down the points.


Find Solution to the issue

Now is the time to find solution to each and every question. Take advise of the experts if that is required. Your friends or handyman could be of great help. Your real estate agent could suggest you some professionals to fix the issues. Once everything is fixed, if you go through your property  either you’ll live in it or you’ll sell it. If you are selling I am sure that your efforts will be rewarded generously going with the right real estate agent.

What does the buyer want?

The normal buyers want to buy a house worth their hard earned money. They want to move into the house and feel warm and cosy in it. They have paid lot of money to buy their dream house and want spend no more. They would want to feel proud about their purchase and show of to their friends and relatives their home sweet home. After all it’s their palace.

We wish  you all the best with your spring sale. If you are selling this spring and happened read these few lines, your feed back will be of great help to us. There aren’t big ideas presented here rather shared my views of the sale presentation of the property. You could email your feedback to

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