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9 things that turn buyers off 

Every buyer has specific things that turn them off a property, however, there are common mistakes when selling your home that turns buyers away. Selling your home is a business transaction, not something that people can appear to be overly emotional about with a house.  


Clingy sellers  

No one said selling your home, possibly a place you might have lived for several years, or raised your kids there, or where you have enjoyed most of your life. However, when you are selling your home, it is a business transaction and when selling you need to remember that people are purchasing your home from you.  

Give your agent room to do their job, potential buyers to get hooked onto the property and allow for the property to do the outside work.  

Even though stories from the time of living at the property might be charming it is also a buyer turn off, as it makes the buyers feel like it is never going to be their house, with all the history behind the house. Sellers are encouraged to remain dispassionate and objective when selling their home as it now a business transaction and no longer you will live in forever.  



One of the most important things when selling your home is making sure that it is clean, tidy and feels like it is ready for the buyers to move in. When walking into a property whether to inspect or for an open home, or for whatever reason, you must have your property cleaned so it sparkles. Selling your property, you need your house to be the cleanest ever, rooms with little but enough furnishing that it does not look cluttered.  

Your main goal is having your property neat and acceptable, but the more your demanding top dollar, the more you need to make your home look perfect.  



Smell is extremely important, as humans we are sensitive to smell. If your property is open for an open home or house it helps to have a diffuser or candle with a nice subtle scent. However, something that turns buyers off a property is if there is a horrible smell. Other smells that turn buyers off are cigarette smoke, mustiness, pet faecal matter, overpowering food, or incense scents. When selling your home, less is more, but a clean, nice smelling, comforting and homey feel is what buyers are looking for.  



When selling your property clutter is the last thing you want, before prospective buyers walk through the door, and they certainly do not want to see clutter all through the house. When selling your property, you want to clear the clutter. Declutter systematically and strategically in the communal areas; kitchen, dining and living areas. But do not discount declutter the bedrooms or bathrooms, however, do it systematically. If your property has a garage, park the cars in the garage if you are staying for the open home or in the area, leave your car in the garage.  



When opening your home, you want it to appeal to the buyers in many ways including energy ratings, energy savings and temperature of the property. If your house is at an uncomfortable temperature, people will become deterred by this, thinking it is too expensive or too hard to make it a comfortable temperature. Buyers get turned off if they are not able to experience the property at its most comfortable and optimal levels.  


No price  

When searching for a property many buyers have a price range that they are looking for and specific features within the house. There is nothing more frustrating than anything else whilst looking for a property is there not being a price or at the very least a price guide.  

Prospective buyers are looking for certain features whilst looking at advertising for a house, a price is one of the most critical and notable features of marketing initially. Budgeting or having a fixed price range for a buyer is something that buyers match for whilst looking for a house. Whilst a buyer might love your property and finds out that the price is wayyy out of their range it is a major turn off, unless they are obsessed and completely in love with your property. It is better to be upfront with buyers. 


No address  

There is nothing worse than not having an address. Buyers do their own research when it comes to house location. They are looking for schools, local amenities, transportation options and specific areas around the location of your property. Whilst the marketing of the property might advertise these attributes, buyers still do their research, especially as the marketing is not always able to target everything a buyer is looking for. Make sure your agent displays the full address of the property, as sometimes location of the property can be a massive turn off.  


No photos  

Buyers do not know what property or the type of property they are looking at, until they arrive at the property, they do not know what to expect. Photos are a powerful tool when selling your property, especially when marketing the property for sale. It not only encourages the buyers to imagine themselves in the property but also encourages the buyer to have an informed impression especially if it will be an investment of the buyer.  

Visuals also provide a good first impression on the buyers, allow for many angles of the properties and better marketing for your property.  

Home for Sale in Wentworthville

Your agent  

Agents are important to making a sale of your property. They have the marketing connections and buyer connections. They also have the experience and expertise to sell your property. Agents are working for you, so you have every right to question and make sure that they are doing their job correctly and to your satisfaction. However, your agent will help you with making sure that your property is going to go to the right buyers.  

Before selling your home, ask yourself as a buyer how you would want your home to look. As a buyer you would not want to purchase a home that was chaotic, smelling funky or be insufficiently listed or advertised? 

Rewritten and Rerevised
By Maisie Sutherland
14th June 2022

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